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Half the Cooking Time
with a Kelly Turkey

The KellyBronze requires a much shorter cooking time compared to other breeds. They will cook in nearly HALF the time of any other Free-Range or Organic turkey

5 kg (11lb) 2 hrs 15 mins
6 kg (13lb) 2 hrs 30 mins
7 kg (15lb) 2 hrs 45 mins
8 kg (17lb) 2 hrs 55 mins

The KellyBronze Turkey is by far the most popular Christmas Bird that we stock. KellyBronze is recommended by top chef and food writers including Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith and The Sunday Times.

The Unique texture and taste is achieved by rearing the birds slower and longer on a drug free diet, and allowing them to roam freely through pasture and natural woodland.

Value for Money

In times when we are all looking for something a little more for our money with every purchase, a KellyBronze will yield more than 50% more breast meat than the same sized cheaper industrial breed turkey, and a KellyBronze will save on the cost of energy used for cooking as they will cook in HALF the time!!

Importantly it must be mentioned that a KellyBronze is much more than a Breed of a bronze turkey in itself. A Kellybronze Turkey is an ‘Award winning bird’ of breed, welfare, preparation and guarantee which all contribute to an outstanding Christmas Turkey which other producers and suppliers attempt to imitate.

If Your KellyBronze does not come from an approved supplier packaged in a KellyBronze box with a KellyBronze booklet and an official KellyBronze thermometer, then it’s a bronze not a KellyBronze.


Why Cook a KellyBronze this Christmas?

  • Voted best Christmas Turkey for 10 Years in a row,
  • KellyBronze Wins a “Supreme Award” at the Great Taste Awards Aug 2012,
  • KellyBronze are the ONLY turkey farmers in the world to hatch and rear their own breed of Turkey Cooks in HALF the time of a Standard Free Range or Organic Turkey,
  • Yields 50% MORE breast meat than a Standard Free Range or Organic Turkey,
  • Full Cooking Instructions and re useable roasting thermometer included,
  • Completely Free Range from 5 weeks to maturity at 6 months,
  • Packed in a Carry Home storage box Supplied with giblets,
  • No Drugs or Anti Biotics are ever used,
  • Wards is Wirrals only official stockist.


KellyBronze boneless turkey breast joints

We are once again stocking boneless KellyBronze turkey breast joints. They are ideal for a small roast or for freezing for use throughout the year.

They are available in a whole mix of weight ranges from between 1 to 3 kg and feed between 4 and up to 10 adults, and are beautifully cooked in around an hour.

Each breast is supplied with full cooking instructions and a reusable roasting thermometer to ensure perfect roasting times,
Pease state the size you require if ordering.


KellyBronze turkey crowns

The KellyBronze turkey crown is a complete breast left on the bone for succulence. Our KellyBronze turkey crowns are supplied with their giblets, reusable roasting thermometer and full cooking and carving instructions.


How to order

You can order a KellyBronze turkey from us by post, email, telephone or visit us at our superbly appointed shop in Birkenhead Market. Christmas brochures are out now.